MCC Training Requests

Students of Color Ally Training

The purpose of Ally Training: Students of Color (SOC) is to identify ways in which students of color navigate campus given their race and discuss strategies to improve their satisfaction. This workshop is, by no means, meant to be comprehensive. It is a 90-minute workshop that serves as a solid foundation on which you should continue to build your knowledge base. We utilize facilitated dialogue and scenarios to introduce participants to critical vocabulary and key concepts, share tips on holding difficult conversations, and tools for being a useful ally. This program was tailored to fit multiple audiences, college diversity councils, residential college core teams, and the general student body. This training works best with groups of 7 or 8 up to 25.

Difficult Conversations Training

Difficult Conversations Training is precisely what its name implies. We acknowledge that having conversations with individuals whose actions or words have negatively impacted our community members and, thus, require intervention, can feel awkward and uncomfortable. Our goal is to provide you with the steps, self-exploration, and tools you need to make the process less daunting. This training lasts no more than 60 minutes.

Microaggressions Training

Microaggressions Training challenges you to understand various forms of microaggressions and their impact. This training runs 90 minutes and the learning objectives are threefold:

  1. Instill awareness surrounding the everyday occurrences of microaggressions.
  2. Explore the outcomes associated with the experience of microaggressions.
  3. Reducing the prevalence of and responding to microaggressions.

Training Request Form

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